At TeachLeadX, our purpose is simple, to make teaching and learning convenient, flexible and accessible.

Our business was born from frustration at the event of Covid19, the global Pandemic that made the world stand still, including the education sector.

Since December 2019, the world at large was devastated by the effect of the deadly virus. Many lost their jobs, hunger crept in, people became bored, young people wasted their time online unprofitably, all other activities shut down including schools, learning online became the next best thing.

Our CEO, Ugochukwu, was affected by this situation first hand, then he had an idea. What if there was a way to profitably engage young people again, and create opportunities for those who had lost their jobs or are idle at home.

How could technology bring this new idea to life, making it as simple, accessible and straightforward as possible? Hence, TeachLeadX was born out of a passion to make education accessible to learners around the world during and after the Pandemic, TeachLeadX came to stay.

Since then, our vision has remained unchanged but we’ve uncovered more challenges faced with online learning. We’ve spent the last few months becoming obsessed with our students and their problems, so that we can create compelling courses, build a better learning community, tools and features to make their learning seamless. Think of it as humankind event thing. Our instructors are experts and industrial leaders from around the world who come together to make beautiful things happen.