Learn Economics from scratch, ECO03

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Learning economics

Course description

Learn Economics from the scratch, ECO03, is the third of a five course series in my Economics specialization.

No subject of the present day is so important as economics. Economics governs the life of the individual, Society and the modern States. The subject plays a significant role in the international affairs. The knowledge of economics helps in solving many problems and the study has practical advantages as follows.

The knowledge of the subject tells how the complex forces work in the economic systems. It explains the relationship between the producer and consumer, the labor and the management etc. It explains how the action in one sector affects the other sector. Without the knowledge of the working of the economic systems, administration will not be effective and it may even be impossible.

In practical life, the subject helps the businessmen, the industrialist and the banker as well as the labor leader. It gives the businessmen and industrialists the knowledge of modern methods of production and production at low cost.

Economics is also useful to the householder. With the knowledge of economics, the householder is able to utilize his little income to get the maximum satisfaction for his family by proper budgeting and careful spending. This increases the happiness of the family.

What will I learn in this course?

The scope of economic system

Economic Integration

International trade

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

No prerequisite knowledge is required, learners should understand English language at least at intermediate level.

Who is this course meant for?

High school or secondary school students.

College freshmen majoring in Economics or related courses.

Is certificate of completion available?


Section 1Courses content
Section 2Economic system
Lecture 2Economic system
Lecture 3Capitalism or Market economy
Lecture 4Socialism, Command or Centrally planned economy
Lecture 5Mixed Economy
Section 3Economic Integration
Section 4International trade
Lecture 7Meaning of international trade
Lecture 8Reasons for international trade
Lecture 9Advantages of International trade
Lecture 10Principals of international trade
Lecture 11Home Trade
Lecture 12Terms of Trade
Lecture 13Balance of Trade