Learn Economics from scratch, ECO02

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Learn economics

Course description

Learn Economics from the scratch, ECO02 is the second of a five course series culminating in the specialization of Economics.

Have you ever wondered what Economics is all about? Maybe you’re in high school or you’re in college majoring in or taking it as borrowed course. Perhaps you’re just an adult and you just want to refresh your memory on the subject. You’re in the right place.

Economics is an age long activity, from the beginning man’s activities have centered on how to satisfy his wants. While some economic historians believed that economics thought started with the classical school, others believe that economic reasoning dated back to the mercantilist. Only few maintained that physiocratic thought contained elements of economics.

Be it as it may, economic activities started with man. As a hunter and food gatherer, the epic man was concerned about the future, which led him to domesticate animals and food crop. As a physiocrat, man wants to produce goods for future consumption and a mercantilist his trade centers on acquiring more wealth. Today, the world is an economic globalization, which makes the study of economics vital.

What will I learn in this course?

Basic knowlegde of market structure.

Theory of production and cost.

What business organization is about.

The concepts of Inflation and Deflation.

The concept of Agriculture.

No prerequisite knowledge is required, learners should understand English language at least at intermediate level.

Who is this course meant for?

High school or secondary school students.

College freshmen majoring in Economics or related courses.

Is certificate of completion available?


Section 1Introduction
Section 2Market structure
Lecture 2Meaning of market
Lecture 3Types of Market
Lecture 4Perfect market
Lecture 5Imperfect market
Section 3Business Organization
Lecture 6 Meaning of business organization
Lecture 7Forms of business organizations
Section 4Inflation and Deflation
Lecture 8Inflation
Lecture 9Deflation
Section 5Agriculture
Lecture 10Meaning of Agriculture
Lecture 11Components of Agriculture
Lecture 12Systems of agriculture
Lecture 13Importance of agriculture
Lecture 14Problems of Agriculture
Lecture 15Marketing boards