Google Tag Manager Fundamentals

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Google Tag Manager

Course Overview

Managing multiple analytics and marketing tags for your site can be a challenge. Redundant or incorrect tags can distort data measurement and reduce your site performance. In this self-paced course, you’ll learn how Google Tag Manager can simplify the tag implementation and management process for marketers, analysts, and developers.
Section 1Starting out with Google Tag Manager
Lecture 1Course Introduction
Lecture 2Start with a measurement plan
Lecture 3Develop a tag implementation strategy
Lecture 4Tag Manager overview
Section 2Setting up Google Tag Manager
Lecture 5Install the Google Analytics tag
Lecture 6Set up a GA Property variable
Lecture 7Set up cross-domain tracking
Lecture 8Understand the Data Layer
Section 3Collecting data using the Data Layer, variables, and events
Lecture 9Pass static values into Custom Dimensions
Lecture 10Pass dynamic values into Custom Metrics
Lecture 11Track events with variables
Section 4Using additional tags for marketing and remarketing
Lecture 12Set up Google Ads conversion tracking
Lecture 13Set up Dynamic Remarketing
Lecture 14Course Review